today i'm grateful for.. my angel..

Yesterday when my husband and I went in to pick up our little monkeys from childcare, one of the carers came up and said she had a message to pass onto me.. normally the messages are about Zaccy, whether it be about the super tantrum he threw while he was having his nappy changed, or that he was climbing the bookshelf again or that he had another crash and there is an incident report to sign..

This time it was about Ella.. I'm sure my jaw dropped as I don't think there was ever a message passed on about Ella. Granted I talk to the carers heaps and there is great communication between us so rarely anything is missed.. but a message..

You see.. Halloween was coming up and although here in Australia its not a big thing really and we rarely get a kid knocking on our door asking for a treat, the shops are always packed with halloween themed bits and pieces and it always reminds me of how big it was in the States when I lived there briefly. My husband is also American so I try to keep some of his culture within our family traditions.

The night before I stayed up and made up little treat bags for Ella to take into kindy to give to her friends to celebrate Halloween. I had no idea how many kids there were in her group on Friday so I just made up all the ones I had and popped them into a bag to take in. They were simple.. just a bag with a pumpkin on it containing a set of fake teeth and a freddo frog, and I made up an special one for one of her friends who has allergies with a allergy safe lollypop instead..

The message was that, I was one treat bag short, and that Ella chose to go without a treat bag herself so that none of her friends missed out. My jaw quickly came back up and a little tear welled up in my eye. I was so very proud of my little girl.. my little angel..

I know it might seem a little small and simple, but we as parents try very hard to instil good values into our kids. Me and my little girl have our issues and I truly dread the day that we are both going through that time of the month simultaneously in the future.. but I feel so truly blessed to be her mum. She has such a huge heart and is such a kind and caring little person..

Needless to say, we made a pretty big deal about what she did and she got her own very special treat bag this morning that my hubby and me put together for her.

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  1. Kasia, that doesn't sound small and simple at all. What a wonderful thing for little Ella to do - it's a big, big deal at her age. You are right: she has a big heart and is kind and caring. All the things we want for our juniorburgers.

    I am also very impressed at how you rewarded her generosity with a special bag of her own. Way to go reinforcing her good nature! You are such great parents. x

  2. Oh I would have had a tear too :-) It is so nice to see that in our kids - especially at times when you think nothing is sinking in (I am not the only one that thinks that sometimes right??) Values are important and it's nice to hear you are parenting that way :-) xx

  3. That's a GORGEOUS thing to do and not small at all. It's very special and you should feel incredibly proud of her. I am sure you do x

  4. What a lovely moment for you, to see your attentive parenting (and your own values) demonstrated by your daughter - and when you weren't even there to prompt her!

  5. That is sooooo sweet! What a selfless, gorgeous little girl you have there!!

  6. That's a beautiful story. I agree it is a big deal at her age. What a sweetie.

  7. That's a beautiful thing to be grateful for - what an amazing girl!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!


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