my creative space..

a little calm has came back to my creative space this week.. it looked like a little factory here for a while.. screen printed t-shirts drying.. pants, skirts, cushion covers and hair accessories.. lined up ready to be packaged and shipped off.. 

the universe has a little way of telling me to stop sometimes and this week it did.. everything that can be out the door and in the post is.. and with a little delay in the delivery of the next round of t-shirts to be screened.. i can catch up on a bit of paperwork and emails and tidy up and update my etsy shop a little.. the computer has barely been turned on the last couple of weeks so i think tonight it might get a little attention.. 

have a great week everyone.. get inspired by other creative spaces here..

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  1. Factories are Nice :-) I can just imagine all the nice things in your "factory" and now winging their way to new homes :-)


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