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Keeping on the art supply stash theme.. here is another little find.. a set of scissors (kid safe supposedly) they cut little wiggles, zigzags etc.. I got these from Ella's kindy fundraiser catalogue for under $10 for the set.. bargain. She just loooves them but my magazine stash is shivering. I think we will be making our own gift tags for christmas with these little guys.. The possibilities are endless..

Its the school holidays here in SA.. and I'm sure your art supply stashes are being raided by the kids.. what's cool in your stash?? what have your kiddies been up to these holidays??

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i'd love to see what other cool stuff is out there as far as kids art tools
and i'd love to see what creative adventures your kids are up to..
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  1. Those scissors are great! I use them in my classroom when doing art n craft :) My little Ella is still too young to use scissors but she enjoys experimenting with hole punches & shape punches :)


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