{week-a-boo} point + shoot..

another weekend been and gone and another tired me.. 
the weekend started off with giving back the bunnies from next door that came and had a little holiday with us during the week.. the kids loved having a couple of furry beings around.. you could quite safely say zaccy was on the obsessed side..

saturday was spent at home doing the have-to's.. ella helped with the washing by making the biggest ice cream ever and scrubbed the table dressed in her fairy outfit so she looked like cinderella... we're still trying to readjust to daylight savings.. the kids don't quite get the fact that just because the birds and the sun are not asleep yet doesn't mean its not bed time.. ah well.. sleeping has never been a good thing around here.. 

once the kids hit the pillows, i quickly snuck in a couple of hours of sleep before heading off to pick up my friend t and her hubby from kuitpo forest after walking 50km in the trailblazer challenge during the night.. it was a little sad for me as i really wished i was there with them doing the walk, but family circumstances got in the way again.. maybe next year.. so proud of them though and i guess i was glad i could have been a part of it even if it was just picking them up and driving their sore bodies home at 4am.. they are such an amazing couple and such an inspiration.. love you guys!! 

sunday morning i snuck in an extra hour sleep after getting home so now i had a total of about three hours to take the day on with.. we headed out to a third birthday party, which was at the little train rail.. we got to ride little trains and hang out with some old friends.. zac and dad much preferred watching the trains than riding them, so they got to spend a bit of time bonding, which was just gorgeous as zaccy often misses out on daddy time as daddy's little girl seems to take over..

we weren't productive in the organisation department this week.. but i think our family really needed to get out and have a bit of a break this weekend.. 

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  1. wow you had a fun filled weekend! we had bunnies as pets when we lived in Syd, sadly you cant have them in QLD or i would get them again,
    lovely pics

  2. Awww lovely photos again Kasia!!
    Sounds like you were go go go all weekend! Hopefully you can catch on some zzzz's this week :)
    The 3rd party looks like lots of fun!

  3. Oh busy but great weekend. Feel for you not getting much sleep bit like that here at times :-)

  4. Kasia these photos are beautiful. Wasn't the weekend weather just magic!!! My Max used to love train rides at these parks......it bought back a host of memories for me!! Thanks. By the way I have tagged you in a & questions thing so join in if you feel so inclined...head over to my blog to see!!! TK xx

  5. We greatly appreciated you & Gen picking us up at the end of our 50km Trailblazer Challenge. We can't thank you girls enough for being there at 4am with smiles, hugs & words of congratulations, you made us feel the pain was all worth it. And my dearest K, although this year didn't go as you had hoped, you will be blazing the trail next year. Yes we are crazy, and you will be one too!


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