the perfect protest..

me at midday today..
unshowered.. no make up.. hanging out with my little man..
me.. so incredibly happy.. 
i stumbled onto this amazing little protest over at the ordinary courage blog by brene while reading the fat mum slim blog.. i don't think i have ever protested about anything in an official protest as such.. but this my lovelies is worth my effort me thinks..

join in by blogging and adding your link to brene's blog or by commenting below saying what's more important to you than being perfect.. bye bye perfect.. hello ____..

i have a couple of not so perfect tee's with the new mr space man print and the rocket print in a size 4.. the quality of the tee sucks.. if i do say so myself.. but i want to unofficially give them away to my favourite comment.. they'll make pretty cool tees for the garden if nothing else..

have a fantastic day.. even if its not perfect..


  1. love it!!
    i'm pretty much unshowered and without make up every day of the week at midday!!

    i guess mine would be
    bye bye perfect.... hello

    sometimes we all get caught up in making our lives what we think they should be instead of actually living them :)

  2. Great photo and post. I also could match your description most days! Thank goodness I don't have to do school drop offs everyday yet!

    Mine would have to be similar to both of you. Bye, bye perfect...hello real life. Great concept.

    That's right. It's all about the journey, not the destination.

    I also happen to have a 4 year old boy who loves gardening :)


  3. I had a little read of brene's post. what a great concept - i love it! i have been thinking about the same kind of stuff a lot lately and one phrase that has been going around my mind a lot is one that I got from Gina at - 'I am a perfectionist, learning to be good enough'. It's quite the challenge. Thanks for the reminder.

    Have you read the "Velveteen Rabbit"? A lovely children's story about being 'real'.

  4. What a great concept :)
    I love your protest message ! I said to my partner earlier tonight "finish this sentence...I'm not perfect but....." and the response was " but my wife is !"
    How happy was I !!!
    Thanks for sharing this awesome concept.

  5. Bye Bye Perfect.....Hello Acceptable Me :-)

  6. Loving the comments girls!!

    Yes we have 'the velveteen rabbit' it's my hubbys fave childhood book so we got a copy before we even conceived..


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