point + shoot..

this weeks point + shoot is more of a week that was through the eye of the iphone hipstamatic app.. loving this little app.. it takes me back a bit and helps me look at photos more as a snapshot of a moment... it makes everything look a little crusty and old and you can't exactly see what you are taking a pic of, so its a bit of a special treat when you view your pics.. 

our week included ella's first fairy dancing class.. beautiful sunrises (i was up rather early most of the week) and some great cloudy days too.. we had a daily supply of dandelions to blow.. we decorated the shed, pavement and outdoor furniture with chalk.. we just had a good week really.. 

joining in with fat mum slim's pont + shoot.. 


  1. some gorgeous shots you have there!

  2. Wow, gorgeous photos! I am loving the hpistamatic photos... gotta get me an iphone!

  3. what a gorgeous cherub and pictures - love it!

  4. Gorgeous pics, simply lovely. Love what that app does. I begged my hubby for it but because he's read that it's crap on his forum he's really anti :(


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