kiddy art..

we didn't get up to anything supersonic new and interesting in the art department this week.. the paint was out as always and a lot of it.. ella was very liberal with the amounts she put on each page... she even made a sculpture out of one of the pages as it was so incredibly wet and insisted i hang up her little sculpture to dry..

the photos of it remind me of my trip to antelope canyon.. which just happens to be one of my favourite places on this planet.. so she did pretty well as far as i'm concerned..

what have your kids been up to in the art department this week??
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  1. I love her sculpture :)
    My little Ella loves painting too! Is that glitter paint you have? Or have you added extra sparkle?

  2. thanks claire.. i love it too.. its all dried out into that shape this morning and i'm trying to figure out how to display it permanently..
    we used glitter paint this time..

  3. where has the linky tool gone....?
    a bit of finger painting is always loved! i must get ours out of the cupboard.

  4. thanks.. didn't realise it disappeared..
    should be good now :o)


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