week-a-boo.. a sneak peak into our weekend

Our weekend is still going as we have a public holiday here in South Australia.. meaning me and the monkeys have more adventures to get up to today.. 

The traditional Saturday and Sunday started off with our friday evening really.. We had the daily evening bath.. with the daily shampoo hair styling and I realised just how long my bubba boy's hair was getting.. hmm time for a hair cut.. I love his hair a little longer but there is no way I can get to it to make it look decent and longer.. soo...

Out came the clippers.. my beautiful blond locks.. gone.. but a beautiful baldy head instead.. maybe i'll try a longer attachment next time.. he's looking a little bald.. 

We got the good old huggies tents out too..  and a lot of the teddies and dolls made their way out to join us on our picnic.. Ella got to go to bunnings with dad.. which is always a highlight as they always manage to sneak in a face painting session.. its almost a tradition now.. what animal will Ella come back as?? Note to oneself though little lady.. sunscreen on top of a masterpiece does not work the best.. 

Again our weekend was about the need-to's, as we are trying to sort out the big boys garage so that he can move out of our little outdoor room and i cant take over it and use it as my workspace.. i had the bright idea of converting our shed into a studio earlier in the year.. but with the lack of power and the distance from the house.. the idea has now been scrapped till the kids grow up a little.. So in the process the kids had a heap of huge boxes to play in and i got to get the good-ol ikea tool set out and put together the big boys christmas present from last year.. 

Another highlight for me and i guess Zaccy was his intense interest in wanting to finally ride the trike.. he had a good go on the big red trike and managed to walk with it between his legs.. but unfortunately his sisters old ladybug trike is just going to have to do till you grow up a little buddy.. 

Since Zaccy's operation he is talking.. chatting.. singing and the works.. so hearing him talk is just putting the biggest grin on my face known to man.. my favourite from this weekend is bee-ba.. meaning bean bag.. he just loves his bean bag!!

and lastly.. a pic of me with my new haircut styled by my bubba boy.. 

have a sneak peak into some other weekends here..


  1. Lovely photos Kasia :)
    You have a household of gorgeous blondes there :)
    So sweet that Daddy & Ella enjoy a trip to Bunnings & a face paint together....i love hearing about Daddy/Daughter dates...so cute :)
    Have a great week xo

  2. Great pictures Kasia, I especially love the shots of your little tigeress. Your kids are gorgeous.

  3. Great week-a-boo! Trips to bunnings with Dad are so special - love the hair cuts and style too :-)


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