{week-a-boo} point + shoot..

another weekend gone.. we did the usual.. cleaning the house.. laundry.. mowing.. and we snuck in a visit to a friends house for a sausage sizzle and we did a little bit of art.. finished off with a pizza night.. is it normal for a 19mo to eat 3 slices of pizza..

highlight for me was the fact that the two weeks of photography over at lil blue boo has re-inspired me as far as photos go.. my camera is back on manual.. woooo hoooo!!! i so don't know why it ever jumped onto auto but it's not going back on there unless i hand it to someone to take a picture of our family..

i also got a new shebang package of photoshop actions from the amazing paint the moon.. and have been loving just playing around with pics of my beautiful angels.. oh annie.. i love love love my little purchase!!

anyway.. here are a few pics of my gorgeous bubbies in manual mode and my weekly dandelion.. i am going to miss them when they stop popping up..

more sneak peaks into weekends here.. 
and more point and shoot here.. 


  1. Gorgeous photos my dear! You've captured a magical moment on that 3rd image of Ella :) and I love the one of your little man snoozing...so sweet! AND...that dandelion photo is stunning!!
    Also, thanks for the link to Lil Blue Boo...what a fab blog...how have I never found that one? :))
    Have a great week!

  2. look at their beautiful blonde hair! Oh and I am just loving that photo of the dandelion {we call them father Xmas's for some reason?}
    I just bought my first SLR and am about to teach myself photoshop so thanks for the inspriation and link :)

  3. Beautiful shots!:D

  4. thanks girls.. its so nice to get back into some photography.. loving it!!

  5. You are such a great photographer! I love all of the pics.


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