week-a-boo.. a sneak peak into our weekend

our weekend started off with huge cuddles on friday evening.. whilst in a new box that came into our household.. saturday was a little different as the weather was quite horrible and we were inside most of the day.. cabin fever sets in pretty quickly with my kids.. they much prefer being outside..

i brightened the day up with some bread shapes for lunch, followed by mangoes and avocados.. once the wind calmed down we hung out outside for a while and hunted down all the new dandelions that popped up over night.. the dandelion hunt seems to be a daily adventure at the moment..

the box the kids were playing in was from my new overlocker.. which i am soooo ecstatic about. i've been umming and aaaring about getting one for ages and finally broke down and got one.. omg... i am in loooove.. all my little goodies look so neat and tidy and so professional now. so needless to say i had a little play with my little toy over the weekend...

i love planes! there is no secret there.. and my little man seems to be following in my footsteps. we are located perfectly on the flight path.. we get to see the planes nice and clearly but they're not too noisy as are far enough away.. here is a little pic from my iphone..

lastly but certainly not leastly.. i got to sit down and read a few of my favourite blogs on sunday morning.. i dont read the paper.. real peoples lives are far more interesting and inspiring.. so if you get a chance pop past scissors paper rockmaxabella loves and fat mum slim.. some lovely things there.. claire.. i just love your saturday post!! 

have a peek into other weekends here.. 


  1. I really like that picture of the plane from your iphone - amazing what comes out sometimes! And the jigsaw cutter is fab!!

    Thank you so much for the love. x

  2. Sounds like a Lovely weekend!
    my kids absolutely love playing in cardboard boxes! Those sandwich shapes look great! thats how i cut my kids for school everyday using cars and hearts..

  3. Oh thanks for the mention Kasia....you're so lovely!
    I love the dandelion photo :) My little Ella is obsessed with them lately too...probably because I told her that Dandelions are planted by fairies & if you wish on them, your wish flies all the way to Fairy Land :)))
    Have a great week xo


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