my little model..

I had a day to myself with my bubba boy last week.. He's getting to the stage where he wants to pick out clothes and with a little bit of guidance as far as weather appropriateness goes, I let him go for it.. I stocked up both Ella's and Zaccy's drawers with some kasiabear short sleeve tee's seeing the weather is warming up slowly.. 

When Zaccy opened his drawer to raid its contents, his eyes lit up when he saw the plane tee and the bike tee.. I guided him towards the long sleeve option as the day wasn't too warm but he carried around the bike tee till his plane one got adequately messy for me to take it off and let him wear the bike tee.

I love making kids clothes because of the satisfaction it gives my creative side.. but seeing the smiles on my kids faces when they get a new tee with the design they requested, just melts my heart. Ella is now old enough to choose her own colour combos and also the fabric her skirts are made out of too, which is even more fun for both of us. 

Here are a few pics from the other day of my little model.. 

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