feeling a little beautiful..

I received an email last week 
from the gorgeous Dee over at Baby Galah Clothing
saying that she has posted me as a 

beautiful blogger award winner

thanks Dee.. 
feeling very loved!!

in keeping with the rules I hereby award the following ten blogs with the Beautiful Blogger Award :

one.. Claire from Scissors Paper Rock Designs.. for a beautiful example of positivity and for creating gorgeous inspirational wall art..
two.. Juliet from Hooli on the Hill.. for being a gorgeous friend since before I was old enough to wear a bra..
three.. Shan from Missy Melly.. for proof that true friendships can withstand distance, time and hiccups.. 
four.. Maxabella Loves.. for hosting grateful saturdays.. 
five.. Emma from Frog, Goose, Bear for giving me ideas for dinner.. 
six.. Brown Button for being the first blog I read and getting me addicted.. 
seven.. Naomi from Seven Cherubs.. for somehow finding the time to have such an awesome blog whilst being a mumma of seven little munchkins...
eight.. Lil blue boo for doing, making, blogging and creating all the things I imgaine doing.. but never quite get there.. eg.. check out the post on painting with children.. 
nine.. The Clip Cafe for making it through the Blogtober fest.. wow!!
ten.. Georgie Love.. for having a really cool blog..  

ten things about me..
one.. i am always ridiculously tired.. 
two.. i carry dental floss in my handbag.. 
three.. i went from jet black hair to white blond so i could look like my children.. 
four.. i love snow..
five.. i wish i could live in alaska.. 
six.. i drink far too much coffee and not enough water.. 
seven.. i love camping.. 
eight.. i want to be a pilot when i grow up.. 
nine.. i love the colour red.. and polkadots.. and ladybugs.. 
ten.. i really need to get some sleep.. goodnight.. 

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  1. I've only just seen this - thanks for the beautiful blogger award - blush, blush. I haven't had much blogging time lately and am playing catch up! Your first and last points certainly sum me up at the moment also!


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