Running very late with my week-a-boo this week.. and the photographer has no photos to share this week either.. wowzers.. that would have to be my absolute first.. only kidding.. but I did have to scrape around for one... thank goodness for the phone eh??

my two lefties.. dad trying to get work done.. 
We had a lovely weekend.. one of those funny ones that you tick off nothing from the to-do list, but tick off all those things that didn't quite make it to the to-do list but probably should have. We had my hubby home both days this weekend which is very special as he normally has to do at least some little job here and there.. the beauty of running your own business I guess. He still had to do a bit of work related stuff but was here which was just lovely..

My little parcel of t-shirts arrived later than expected meaning I put work aside for the weekend and just soaked up my kids.. I got to listen to my bubba boy say so many new words and I taught him a good handful too. I got to watch my angel draw and I printed off some sheets of letter and numbers she could trace. We build playdough sculptures, we painted, we got messy outside and we got to catch up with some old friends which we don't see very often for the best part of Sunday.

I did a bit of pottering and cleaning.. that silly kind of cleaning.. you know.. the fingerprints on cupboards, the inside of the microwave, the stove top.. the skirting boards, all those little bits that you just glance at and never really get into.

It was nice!

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  1. Oh...another gorgeous sounding weekend Kasia!
    You are always doing such fun, hands-on, educational activities with your kiddies! They are so lucky to have you as their Mumma!
    Have a great week!

  2. what a gorgeous photo - and with your phone? I wish I could take a decent photo with my phone - the heads always seem to get cut off. Hmm, maybe some practice is in order.

    Sounds like a lovely weekend - hope this weekend is just as nice..


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