this week i am grateful for..

This week I am grateful for..

the constant chitter chatter between my two little monkeys..

the strength my little girl gave me when visiting our local doctor to get zaccy's stitches out.. 

ice cream on hot days

 lactose free yoghurt.. so my little man can enjoy yoghurt too..

my ability to overlook the amount of pink that is making its way into our household and enjoy the smiles that it puts on ella's little face instead.. 

coffee.. i don't think a week goes without me being grateful for the person who decided to grind up coffee beans and make coffee.. 

money boxes.. hours of entertainment as the kids pop coins into them through the little slot.. come to me and ask for it to be emptied again so they can repeat the process.. 


  1. I never liked pink at all until I had two daughters. Slowly but surely it infiltrated my gender-neutral zone and now... well it's quite possibly my favourite colour!!! Arghk!

    Thanks for linking up today Kasia. Always lovely to see you and read about your world. x

  2. great list - love the money box idea - that would provide so much fun in my house! thanks.

  3. Hi fellow Adelaidean! I too am trying to ignore all the pink, but with three girls have learnt to go with it!! And yes, coffee......aaaaahhh!

    great to discover a new blog, pop over to bigwords sometime x


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