thanksgiving part one..

First and foremost... Happy Thanksgiving!!

Being an Australian with a Polish heritage, I'm probably the last one that should be celebrating this day, but I do each and every year since meeting Mr Right. I imported this little gem to Australia almost a decade ago after living with him in the states for a little while. I got to experience a real thanksgiving only once unfortunately but fell in love with the whole concept and tradition and reason behind it right there and then. 

We spent the day with the big boys family and everyone bought a dish along to share.. I got to eat food's I never knew existed.. such as 'yams' (aka sweet potato) the American way with melted marshmallows on top.. yea.. you heard me right. This was sooo not the highlight, I did try to imitate this dish the year after in Australia but that was the first and last time.. sorry.. this one just does not work for me. One dish that I did fall in lurve with was the good old pumpkin pie.. oh my, oh my.. did I fall in LUUURRRVE!! 

Over the years I've mastered this little dish from getting the spices perfectly balanced, using just the perfect amount of sugar and everything just perfect. I even do the pastry shell myself from scratch... I could so justify putting on a kilo just to be able to indulge in this amazing creature of a dessert each year. 

Sadly.. oh so sadly.. our oven has shat itself the other week and this year there is not going to be the bestest dessert ever to hit this planet made by me.. but there just can't be a thanksgiving without pumpkin pie.. it's just not right..

Thankfully, we always defer thanksgiving to the following weekend as we don't get the day off here.. and what's a thanksgiving without the people that make you smile.. So this year I am attempting what could end up as a shameful misinterpretation of the amazing thing that is the pumpkin pie.. a non cooked version.. So today I played around and tested the available pre-made goodies around.. using banana at this stage.. so here goes.. 

simple banana caramel volauvents.. 

ready made volauvent shells
ready made whipped cream
two bananas
can of caramel top'n'fill

mush banana
stir through caramel top'n'fill
fill the volauvents
chill for about an hour or so.. more if you can..

top with ready made whipped cream and devour..

and oh my.. we had these little devils tonight and they are sooo ridiculously bad in a good way.. 
have fun with them!!

sorry emma.. i just had to join in with this one.. i know its not dinner.. but if you use a big volauvent then you probably shouldn't eat dinner.. 

check out some easy peasy dinners here.. they're much healthy than this.. 

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  1. Sorry to hear about the oven dying! I went without an oven last year for a while and it is tricky - you just have to get creative, as I see you have no trouble doing at all! Well done on making up such an easy and delicious looking dessert! Desserts are always allowed. My mother taught me to always look at the dessert menu first at a restaurant, so you knew how small a meal to order! Thanks for joining in!


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