kiddy art..

One of my absolutely favourite art activities for my kids are the reusable water painting books I picked up at a $2 shop a couple of years back.. and I am sooo glad I bought a little bundle of them. They are the perfect quick activity to set up for the kiddos to give me a snippet of time to whip something up for dinner. All that's involved is water, paintbrush and the book... no aprons.. no worries about what they are wearing and a cloth wipes up any spills and splashes in a sec..

And they really are reusable.. they dry out and are ready for the next round within about 10 minutes..

Love love love these books!! If you are a new mum and stumble across these on your travels.. pick up a bundle!!

what activity do your kiddos love and gives you a few minutes to yourself?


  1. Oh, I remember these books...I forgot about them!! Haven't seen them in shops in a while though! Very cool!!
    I have some piccies for this week's Kiddy Art...I will upload them & link them here later tonight :)
    Happy Sunday xo

  2. I've never seen these before... do they wipe clean or something? How clever! x

  3. in the past i've only seen the thin page ones where the colour bleeds once the water touches it..

    these ones have thick pages like board books and they seem to have a film over the image and once the film is wet the picture becomes vibrant.. then the cardboard dries out and off you go again..

    have never seen these again.. but will most certainly let you know where the are if i spot them again..


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