{week-a-boo} a sneak peak into our weekend..

OK.. this week I'm really quite sad that the weekend is over.. It was a perfectly balanced weekend of work, rest and play..

Saturday we all got up early and with a big teamwork effort the housework was done and dusted by 8am. We then headed off as a family to the kids childcare centre for our annual family photo session.. The photographer was a bit odd to say the least but hopefully he managed to capture some of our family essence in a photograph. I will most certainly be hunting down the lovely girl that did our photos last year. Never the less it was fun and a big tick off the to-do list.

Daddy-O headed off to do a little bit of work and I took the kids down to our local shopping centre to visit Santa.. No tears, only minor tantrum from Master Zac when having to go back into the pram and a gorgeous photo with Santa.. We then had some lunch.. mumma got to eat sushi.. and then back home so the little man could have a rest.

a pic from my iPhone.. 
Miss Ella and I decorated the two little trees we have on our front verandah with solar fairy lights, built a shoe stand (from ikea of course) for the back door and tidied the verandah.. Then it was good old hang out time with the kiddo's. No fighting just playing, which was lovely for a change.

Sunday morning we headed off to one of my favourite playgrounds to have a teeny tiny thanksgiving celebration with some friends..

i think zaccy is carving his first 'i heart' message in a tree.. 
Master Zaccy had a looong nap when we got home, so we all just chilled out and relaxed.. both mumma and daddy-o got to sneak in a cat-nap too. 

We then tackled the beast that lived in the front yard as a family.. I kind of grew to like if not love our little weed forest as it provided me with an endless supply of photo opportunities, but it really had to go. We have amazing neighbours but I'm sure even they would have been a little, if not a lot, grumpy if we had left it as it was over the holiday season.. We managed to finish the job with a lot of laughs in between.. super bonus!!

zaccy and ella did a little bit of face painting
while mum and dad weren't looking.. 
camo hunky.. 
mud painting..
and painted the house.. 
Still sad that the weekend is over as it was such a lovely family weekend.. productive and fun with a hint of rest.. but I am so incredibly grateful that we had it.. and look forward to having many more like this. I really could write lots and lots more but I think the warm fuzzy feeling in my heart is good enough for me on this Monday morning.. 

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some stories don't 
have a clear beginning, 
middle, and end. 
life is about not knowing, 
having to change, 
taking the moment and 
making the best of it, 
without knowing what's 
going to happen next.
delicious ambiguity
~ gilda radner ~

have a wonderful week 
Happy Monday!!


  1. Oh yes Kasia...a PERFECT sounding weekend :) Haaa how funny is Zac & his mud makeup :) I always love reading about your weekends. And good job on getting the housework & the gardening done all in one weekend!! I am in love with that photo of Zaccy on the swing & love love love that quote at the end! Ok, that's a lot of 'love' I know...but you truly did have a gorgeous weekend :)

  2. thanks claire..
    i just love weekends where we spend time together.. doing what needs doing but the togetherness just makes it special!!

  3. Oh gorgeous pics and fun weekend - I really enjoy good photographs!! You always deliver ;-)

  4. Perfect! Two things that really stood out for me: housework done by EIGHT AM. Impressive. And, a no tears visit to Santa! That's my aim this year. This is the year for no-tears Santa with ALL the Tsunamis present in the photo. Big aim, but I'm going for it!! x

  5. Oh the no tears Santa visit was the absolute highlight.. We have a good tears and leaping out of santas lap one already from previous years..

    Good luck with the tsunamis!!

  6. Still giggling at that face painting your kids had. Lovely!

  7. Love the face and house painting with the mud! i bet he had a ball!
    great pics too.

  8. Sounds like the perfect weekend - AND you got a sleep - never happens in my house - SO jealous!


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