kiddy art..

I completely missed {kiddy art..} last week.. my sincere apologies.. We had another big week of ticking off things off that to-do list which after this weekend I must say is looking much more achievable..

Totally and utterly loving Ella's drawings at the moment.. from top left..
~ the sun ~ daddy ~ daddy's van ~ daddy in detail

The kiddo's have been into the blackboard wall lately.. a lovely relief from cleaning up paint continuously.. and some amazing artwork has been created.. it's just a matter of getting a photo quickly enough before the duster or cloth comes out..

We've also started on some christmas decorations that need to be photographed.. stay tuned..

What have your kiddo's been up to in the art department this week?? Do you have any great ideas for Christmas crafts?? 

Join in with your kids artwork.. links to kids art ideas or anything creative thats happening in your kids world.. 

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  1. Awww her chalk drawings are so cute! She's a clever little monkey :) I love Daddy's van :))))


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