today i'm grateful.. beanbags..

today I am grateful for 
and the power they have to put my kids to sleep for me..  

We have this little evening routine of dinner, laps of the house (by the kids), bath, pyjamas, beanbag to drink a bottle of milk while watching a dvd, brush teeth, story and sleeeeep.. They each have their own beanbag and absolutely love it.. Zaccy probably a little more than Ella but they both know which one is theirs and in the evenings they just snuggle in there and chill out..

Although brushing teeth comes after milk and brushing teeth is really important, I kind of like the interception of the bean bag putting the kids to sleep sometimes.. it makes for an early evening and a little bit more me time..

Today I am grateful for 

1. following my instincts last year and buying two beanbags for my kids for christmas although they were incredibly expensive...

2. i am grateful for my kids feeling comfortable and safe enough to fall asleep in the lounge with noise all around them..

3. i am grateful for my sunday sleep in.. 

4. i am grateful for my husband keeping the kids out of the room so i could have a sleep in..

5. i am grateful for my hubby doing the dishes, clearing the dishwasher, feeding the kids and entertaining them this morning.. 

6. i am grateful for having enough money on the credit card to go to a private emergency service than a public one last thursday.. more about that in {week-a-boo}..

7. i am grateful for incredible friends, both local and interstate.. you all make me smile..

8. i am grateful for a washing machine.. i cant imagine getting through so many piles of washing by hand.. 

9. i am grateful for all the wonderful bloggers out there who inspire me, who share their life and who make me feel like i'm quite normal..

10. i am grateful for maxabella loves.. for making me stop each week and think about how amazing my life really is.. thank you!!


  1. Hmmm beanbags! Awesome things to be grateful for KB :) xxxx PS: I am also very grateful for the t-shirts you sent - boys have managed to keep them clean all weekend! :) x

  2. Quick Kasia, where can I buy those magic beanbags!

    It's always a pleasure to visit lovely, grateful blogs each weekend. Makes me feel good all week. x

  3. I love the photo collection! Bean bags are definitely the best seats in any house.

  4. Excellent investment, I love the stars on them as well. Is it a material or a vinyl/leather cover? If I sound a bit too interested it's because I want to get some for our beach house as they look fab and match the kids bedrooms perfectly. Nice post! Kirsty (Shamozal)

  5. thanks girls..
    kirsty.. they are vinyl but super soft.. the tag on them is '4boys' and they are slightly smaller than the average size so fit nicely into our small lounge room.. but are still perfect for us adult types.. i only got them last year so they should still be around.. good luck!!


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