{week-a-boo} point + shoot..

Another weekend done and dusted.. and the house is in a desperate need of a vacuum and mop.. We had a crazy Saturday at home and me I was a tired grumpy mum for a good part of the day.. I did manage to sneak in a moment shut eye to open my eyes to a lounge and kitchen floor completely covered with newspaper.. as if dad was bringing home a puppy that was in desperate need of house training. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs and I miss our big labrador each and every day, but I'm glad dad didn't bring home a puppy.. I don't think I could keep up.. Maybe in a couple of years..

I felt a lot better after a few laps of the back yard with my little push mower.. I'm sure this little beast has magical powers!! I get to go for a little walk around the back yard and the kids stay clear of me.. at best they chase me around so the mowing gets done faster.. and by that time I am so puffed out I've forgotten what I was grumpy at.

The next door neighbours duck entertained the kids greatly by sitting on top of its nice new enclosure that our neighbour built for him.. 

Ella blew the best bubbles.. and Zaccy got angry because he wasn't allowed to have the bubble mixture..  he quickly turned to the chalk and took his frustrations out on he pavement.. 

By bedtime.. the house was clean again.. my gorgeous kangaroo paws my hubby bought home for me were on the table and a couple of our gorgeous friends came over for dinner.. a bit of reading with the kids first of course and then chinese takeaway.. Oh it was so nice to have some adult conversation.. 

Oh.. I just love this pic of uncle w and zaccy.. 

Ella took off on an adventure with auntie t on Sunday and hiked Morialta Falls, popped into Bunnings to pick up a 70's banana lounge and to get transformed into a fairy, went shopping for some chrissy decorations and found her little brother the cuuuutest plane decoration and then a little stop at the playground.. We love you auntie t!!

Now the kids and dad are snoring away and I think I might join them.. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.. pop past and visit Claire for a sneak peak into other weekends and check out some other point+shoot pics over at fat mum slim's blog.. 


  1. I am going to invest in a push mower. Our mower died the other day! :(
    I can definitely see myself outside pushing one around and getting a little exercise at the same time (hilly yard).

    Great photo's. I especially like the Kangaroo paws!

  2. gorgeous as always miss kasia!!

    i used to love my push mower too... i felt like my grandpa doing the lawns :)

    i love the kangaroo paws too... we have one out the front which is going nuts and now it will remind me of you


  3. Great photos Kasia. Love your weekend posts :)
    Your Ella is a regular at Bunnings....I wish our local one offered face painting....my little Ella would LOVE that!
    And good job on taking your grumps out on the grass :) Good way to let it all out, get the grass mowed & have some exercise :)
    Have a great week!

  4. The bubble snap shots are super! Love the colours in them...

    By the way, thought you might be interested in stopping by and checking out a fab giveaway I'm currently running...



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