shadow shoot sunday..

A little while back we decorated Ella's wardrobes with removable wall decal alphabet and we had a set left over.. well, it was discovered and rapidly (while mum was making dinner) applied to Ella's window at random.. after rolling my eyes, I thought it actually looked pretty cool, so I left them up there.. little by little the letters are disappearing off the window and appearing around the house on furniture, floor and even the telly.. thank goodness they are removable.

But getting to the shadow part of it all.. as I walked in to help Ella get ready for her adventure with Auntie T today, I quickly ran for my camera.. the decals on the window casted the most gorgeous shadows on her chest of drawers and when she walked around picking out her outfit her little shadow just took my breath away.. Love you Lell.. and your gorgeous shadow!!

more shadows at harriet's blog...


  1. They are terrific shadow shots! I love them! Isn't it fun to find them "accidentally"! I couldn't believe all the places I could find them once I started looking! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


  2. Alphabet cool!
    Awesome shots Kasia!


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