kiddy art..

It really does seem that no week passes without a ton of painting at our place.. so no painting pics this time.

Ella is really loving kindy at the moment and each day we role play all the different kids and carers and one thing she has been asking for is a white board to help out in the role play area. So of course we went on a little adventure to officeworks to invest in a whiteboard, colourful whiteboard markers and an eraser.. hey, I'm all for promoting creativity and imagination in every way humanly possible.

There has been a lot of role playing using the white board.. writing letters, numbers, shapes etc.. its just glorious.. Its such a fun little addition as both kids can sit down to draw and draw and draw and I don't have to keep running to get paper..

So in a long, round about way, I have caved in and pens, markers and pencils are fair game for both kids now.. A little extra supervision is sometimes needed when Zaccy takes off with a texta, but its been a lot of fun!!

Example below.. a daily chore of cooking dinner can be a lot of fun at our household.. While making a potato bake the other day, Ella decorated the potatoes before they were peeled by giving them little faces and smiles and adding sticky tape hair and Zaccy played shop with the onions and potatoes.. spreading onion skin throughout the house.. nothing a vacuum cant fix... Cisco, our little visitor had a lot of fun in the process too..

Before I ask you what you got up to.. check out this amazing post from one of my all time favourite blogs.. lil blue boo.. I have my roll of paper from ikea ready to be decorated.. Just building up the courage.. 

So what amazing crafty, arty, decorative things did your kids get up to??
Use the linky below to link up to your blog or add a link in the comments section.. I'd love to see.. I love to be inspired!!

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