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I've been tagged by a couple of lovely bloggers recently and am finally sitting down to write things about me which I possibly shouldn't share.. ah well..

this is a tag from the gorgeous claire from scissors, paper, rock designs.. 

1. What is one thing you cannot stand?
poo.. i really could reach a little more but this answer is so at the forefront of my list its unbelievable.. this would possibly be the one thing i sooo do not like about being a mum and i sooo cannot wait till my kids are both fully toilet trained so that i do not ever have to deal with other peoples poo in any way shape or form.. i have actually thrown my kids clothes away when they had a blow out so to speak.. 

2. If you could go back to your childhood what cartoon or t.v show would you pick to be your favourite?
absolutely the smurfs!! the flindstones too!! 
3. What's something you do or have done that would surprise a lot of people?
when i was younger i had a mow-hawk for a little while.. but then again i did try many different hair cuts and colours.. 

4. Do you believe in ghosts?   
not ghosts in the spooky variety but a presence of old souls that guide and look over us.. 

5. When you go into a store what's your weakness, something you just can't help yourself buying more of?
chocolate.. it should be illegal to have those little racks full of them right at the checkout.. i am so good when i go through the whole supermarket and shop really well but just cant resist right at the end.. dam you product placement guru's!!
6. What is your proudest moment of being a parent?
i really cant pin-point a moment.. i have two amazing kids and they amaze me each and every day.. i am just honoured to be their mum really.. 

7. If you could go back and relive one day of your life which would you choose?
one day??? ok.. so that cant be the birth of my kids seeing there are two.. it cant be my wedding day as it wouldn't be fair on the birth of my kids.. well then it'd have to be our trip to antelope canyon when we were kid free with my hubby.. this is seriously the most magical place on this whole entire planet.. i could go there every week and be amazed.. 

and this is a tag from the verbally amazing tiffany over at tiffany's writing compendium.. 

1. What really cheesy/bad TV programme can you not help but watch?ok.. i love love love better homes and gardens but so rarely get to watch it.. and besides this, all i ever see on the telly is ABC2 for kids.. but i do love 'olivia'
2. What book you think is terrible, and why.
i'm so not a reader!! i can't even think of a book i attempted to read recently.. pass.. 
3. What does your bedlinen look like? please feel free to include a photograph
red and white checks.. more red on one side and more white on the other side.. ikea of course.. 
4. What is your favourite quality in yourself (you all have them so suck it up and pick one!)
hard.. hmm.. being a saggi i guess saying before thinking.. gets me into trouble a lot of the time but i like the fact that people know what i'm thinking, feeling etc.. so i guess the ones that are still around are the ones who love me for who i am rather who they think i am.. does that make sense??
5. What is the worst injury you have had?
drunken adventure in my early 20's.. i sprained my ankle and it went purple and blue and swelled to the size of a soccer ball.. it still plays up here and there.. 
6. Do you listen to the radio/podcasts often and if yes, what do you listen to?
nova.. only in the car when the kids aren't in it.. i like to chat to them when we are driving.. whenever i get the place to myself i much prefer silence.. so everything is off and there is only the hum of my computer or sewing machine.. 
7. If you stay in a hotel, do you take the mini bathroom toiletries home with you?
pretty much always.. then they sit around the bathroom till i get sick of them cluttering my space and i ditch them.. i really should stop bringing them home.. 

and the tags are being passed on to a few lovely ladies

shan from missy melly.. 
juliet from hooli from the hill 
stephane from moobear designs
dee from baby galah clothing
christina from billy mac

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