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~ welcome to my little corner of the web ~ 

a little bit about {me}..
my name is kasia leach and i’m a mumma to a 5 year old female chatterbox and a soon to be 3 year old miniature steve irwin. i live in the foothills of adelaide, south australia, with my hubby, my two kamikazes, one bird and a million+1 fish.

i love creating things. i love beautiful things. i love photographs, images and peoples faces. i love the feel of paper and fabric in my hands. i love chocolate and ice-cream. i love the colour red. i love an organised house. i love renovating. i love jeans. i love positive people. i love my overworked, fish obsessed husband and i love, love, love being a mum.

after settling into the role of mumma to two amazing little beings, i wanted to reclaim a bit of the old me.. a designer / photographer and somehow blend it together with the new me.. a mumma who likes to create cool tees and artwork for her kiddos.. so.. kasiabear designs was born.

a little bit about {my business}..
kasiabear designs
a collection of original and individually handcrafted clothing + accessories +
hand printed textiles and really cool t-shirts
art prints and personalised prints, birth announcements and invitations

a little bit about {my blog}..
kasiabear… a little bit of me
{bal-ance} between.. life.family.work.me
trying to find a balance where all elements of my life exist in harmony is easier said than done.. so this blog is the journey towards finding balance between motherhood, working from home and holding on to my identity as a wife, designer, photographer and friend.. 

i write about motherhood, positive parenting, design, photography, handmade goodness, diy and my life in general.. you will see a few bits of my work pop up in here, but to be kept up to date with kasiabear designs.. head over to my facebook page. 

so that is me and my life.. and here is the dictionary meaning.. 
{3} a state in which various elements form a satisfying and harmonious whole and nothing is out of proportion or unduly emphasized at the expense of the rest
{4} a state of emotional and mental stability in which somebody is calm and able to make rational decisions and judgments
{3} vt to assess and compare the relative importance of different factors or alternatives before making a choice or decision

encarta® world english dictionary © 1999 microsoft corporation. all rights reserved. developed for microsoft by bloomsbury publishing plc.

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