{let's do 52} week 7.. handmade + macro

I really should have done a macro this week, but I couldn't resist this photo.. 
It was taken a couple weeks back when Zaccy was hired for a 'hillbilly' photo shoot.. I of course snuck in a few photos of my little man in his little overalls made for him for the day by his auntie G.. hence the choice for this weeks theme.. handmade..

head over to paint the moon's flikr page to have a look at some other fab entries.. 
i'm also joining in with hey harrie't shadow shot sunday with this photo.. 


  1. Great 'handmade' photo! Very cool photoshoot idea :)

  2. Sweet....oh so darned sweet! Love this photo...both in color and your sepia effect. Well done.

    My Shadow Shot Dolphin Art

    Thanks for visiting with me.

  3. Long shadow from such a little boy. Cute photo set up.

  4. Nice fun shadow shoot! I like it in the sepia.

  5. SO vintage. Love what you did here!


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