{week-a-boo} bowling + building..

Another action jackson weekend.. Mother nature was lovely and turned down the heat a little in Adelaide..

My weekend started off on a day with my boy on Friday.. He got his grommet put back in early morning and we were home by 10:30am.. Again the effects were instant!! Zaccy sang and danced all Friday.. We played with water outside most of the day trying to stay cool and just hung out. I am just so incredibly blessed to be able to spend a solid day with one kiddo at a time. Its pure quality and I love it!!

Saturday was all systems go.. We continued with our building projects outside while the kids slowly emptied the soil out of pot plants (as you do).. My brother popped in so the kiddos got some uncle time and terrorised his car yet again..

Sunday was family day.. We braved the bowling alley for a 4th birthday. All the other mums did the sensible thing of leaving the smaller sibling at home.. but not us.. no.. not us.. The big boy's nerves were shot. Being a bowler {yes.. i have a smirk on my face} himself, he was all paranoid about kids ruining the lanes with street shoes, yada, yada.. I promise I didn't laugh too loudly and I only rolled my eyes a few times. No.. really, it was cool and Zaccy enjoyed the actual bowling far more than Ells did. She just hung out in the Daytona car most of the time till the birthday cake came out. Yep.. that's my girl. 

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  1. Hehehe! Your weekends always make me smile :)
    That's so awesome that Zac had instant results from the grommet. How's his sleeping now? A few people have suggested I get a prof. to check Ella's ears {coz her sleeping is so bad}, but I've been to a pead & lots of GP's and they all agree there is nothing wrong with Ella's ears or health....she;s just a bad sleeper HAAAA!
    P.S. I secretly LOVE bowling shoes :)


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