{snippets} from the weekend..

This year is seriously going far too fast for me already.. another weekend gone and so much to absorb its hard to know where to start. We had another awesome weekend that I'd love to bottle up. The perfect balance between household chores, family time, work, catchups with friends and I even managed to sneak in a (kidless) trip to the Grange Twilight Market and dinner out with a friend.

The kids are at that incredibly gorgeous stage where almost everything they do I just melt and say 'omg.. could you seriously get any cuter?' Hmm... yes there is a incy-wincy bit of cluckiness going on.

joining in with {week-a-boo} + {point + shoot}


  1. Oh Kasia, your photos from the weekend are STUNNING! Loving Miss E's nails and that last pic is breathtaking!!
    Oh, and I hear you on the whole cluckiness thing at the moment :)

  2. Beautiful pics. I'm with you and Claire - incredibly clucky! xx

  3. Your weekend sounds full of perfect little moments, Kasia. I'm so happy for you! I love that you having endless moments of complete cuteness with your brood, and, by the way...Me three on the cluckiness issue!!! (lovely feeling isn't it!)

  4. Beautiful photos - wonderful memories of such a precious time.


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