{this week i'm grateful for..} the world of medicine..

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A very broad thing to be grateful for yes.. but it just has such a huge impact on our lives. Its a job for many people whether it be a nurse, chiropractor, physiotherapist, surgeon, midwife, paediatrician, and so, so many more. Then there is the alternative medicine such as naturopaths, acupuncturists, kinesiologists.. again the list can go on here too.

This week my little man went back into hospital to have another grommet inserted in his ear as he managed to lose his old one already. It was a much smoother session for us than last time. Still not a nice thing to go through but hey.. in years gone by kids used to suffer with fluid in their ears, chronic ear infections and hearing problems and it all went unnoticed. They were often labelled as problem children for the simple reason of being grumpy.. and why.. because they were in pain and discomfort for most of their little lives.

I'm just so very grateful for modern medicine and so grateful to all the people on this little world of ours who have chosen to do this as a job.. to go to university and study these areas.. to get into debt so they can attain their diplomas, certificates, degrees and doctorates. It takes a certain type of person and a big heart to do this job and you guys just do it so well!! Thank You!!

There is also the alternative medicine.. when the modern medicine doesn't seem to work people often try out these alternatives.. and my.. have I been surprised when I did..

Thank you to all you medical types.. yes there is that ranking system and hierarchy but to me, you're all a part of a big team and I think you all rock!

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ps.. hunky is a super dooper trooper.. apart from showing his real aries/ox personality he seems like nothing ever happened.. 


  1. what a great thing to be grateful for, i think we all take people in the "medical" industry for granted sometimes.

  2. I had to spend time in emergency this week with my elderly Nan ... I, too, am grateful for the health system in Australia. x

  3. I'm so glad the little fella has come through his second grommet op like a trouper. Medicine really is an amazing field and one we sometimes forget to stop and marvel at.

    LOVE that card. It's fantastically clever! x

  4. I couldn't agree more! I really take my hat off to people in the medical industry....they truly make our lives not only healthier but easier & more enjoyable too.
    Glad your little man is getting his problems solved :)
    Happy weekend Kasia.

  5. So glad all is well, certainly wonderful gratefuls. :-)

  6. I will always be grateful to modern medicine and research. Daughter is able to manage her condition better today. We're lucky. And your little boy is just so brave.


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