{quick three..} favourite shoes..

Now this one is a tricky one.. there are many different shoes I love for very different reasons. Without the doubt though the shoes above.. my super insanely comfortable birkis.. are my ultimate favourite.. I've mentioned them as my favourite shoes before here.. and they still top the list!!

So here are my three..

{1} birkenstocks / birkis
I have to put this under the birkenstock brand name as I have too many pairs I wear on a regular basis to stick to just three.. I got my first pair of bikenstocks when I was pregnant with Ella as I had terrible back aches and I needed shoes with some support without going all nanna-like. I fell in love and the birkenstock shop is a dangerous place for me to enter.. I have not yet left there without a pair of shoes.. oooops!!

So here is some of my collection.. I even own a pair of birkenstock slippers for winter.. and last year Ella got her first pair of birkis.. the red cat ones to match my original pair.

{2} keens
Now these are possibly heading into the nanna category, but hey.. they are so super comfy and one of few pairs of shoes I own other than birkenstocks.. I love them and I think I might have to invest in a red pair this year.. You have got to check out the keens website.. there is an option to check out how the shoes look with jeans. Lots of fun!!

{3} blundstones
These go back to my winery days.. but I still love them. I don't often wear them but when mud is involved then they always come out..

So.. tell me.. what are your fave three pairs of shoes? 
I know I cheated a little and generalised it with brand names.. but its so hard. Even for a non-shoe-obsessed gal.. its oh, so very hard!!

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  1. mine would be

    bare feet
    ballet flats in summer/ boots in winter

    i love my birkies too :)

    will be checking out the keens... they look soooo comfy :)

  2. It's a little scary how much our footwear is in common! Love that pic at the top - they look like super comfy ones!

  3. Oh I love those shoes in the first pic! They look great and I bet they are super-comfy. Thanks for introducing me to Keens too, I have just spent ages looking around their site - so many great shoes. I think I'll definitely be getting a pair.

  4. will be joining in with this great link up! just need to make sure I remember!! :)


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