{kasiabear designs} a new collection of cards is in the making..

As I earlier explained in my little mini crisis of.. "omg.. what next", followed by a trip to the country to clear my head... This is the outcome..

Introducing the beginnings of a new collection.. 
yet to be officially named..
A set of inspirational greeting cards and/or postcards matched with some of my photography... 

at this stage these will be available to purchase through my red bubble store..
and here is a little sneak peak of another style I am working on.. 

and last but not least.. 
{art prints} 
will also be stocked in my red bubble store and available as greeting cards or post cards..
a very cost effective way to get a small size to frame


  1. I love that they are so thoughtful and thought provoking.

  2. These photographs on your cards really capture raw emotion. The emotion will be different for everyone which is a really nice thing. Great idea for a collection, fresh and warm. I hope your little man is continuing to do well after his surgery:) X


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