time for a change..

So.. I've been here for a little while now.. in blogland that is. I like it, it's my little spot to do what I like, write what I like and in a way my little world. I've met a number of great people, some amazing and inspiring mums and have made myself quite comfortable really.

But why am I here?? Well.. because I like it!

When you are posed with a question though, and you are not entirely sure how to answer it, or on the other hand you are sure, but what you do and how you answer the question is a little different, you question yourself.. right?? Well, I know I do..

My little kasiabear business has taken off and is moving into some amazing new directions, so a lot of time has been focussed on this area of my life. Needless to say anything other than family and kasiabear at this stage is getting analysed and re-analysed and needs to be justified so that I feel right about dedicating time to it.. and this includes my online pocket of joy.. my blog.

Since I heard about the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Group starting up on Aussie Mummy Bloggers, I have been umming and aaaaring about joining and participating. I'm trying to justify the time spent on my blog already.. not to mention the added time to build it to be something better.

After a lot of thought and especially after reading the first part of the ProBlogger book I purchased a while back, I realised that I want to stay here and the reason is kind of what this blog originated as.. the juggle between all the things I love, the love and passion I have for all aspects of my life and finding a balance.

Over the next 31 days you will see a change happening on my blog.. it may look entirely different one day when you drop past.. its still me though.. just look for my photo with my kiddo's.

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  1. That's a very thoughtful post. I'm looking forward to seeing how your blog changes as you go on.


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