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Coffee would have to be one of my top rating pleasures in life.. I can't remember back to days when I didn't drink coffee and the quantity shall remain a secret for the time being, purely as its way above the daily recommended amount. 

I drink instant coffee at home, purely because its quick, easy and we don't have a fancy pants coffee machine {yet}. I can't be bothered cleaning the plunger and the bialleti machine just takes too long and always burns coffee as I am never there to turn off the gas when its done. But I do love my coffee and although I would drink almost any coffee, I much prefer a good coffee. 

My top three for this week are:

Soul Food Espresso
because I'm a mumma who likes to drink coffee with kids in tow.. 
A little tiny gem discovered by one of our mum's group girls. Its tucked away in a tiny shopping complex in the burbs. Its super kid friendly as it has a massive play corner with an abundance of toys and they kids just disappear, leaving us mumma types to partake in one of their fab coffees. They also make THE best pancakes and have an awesome Sunday brekky. 
soul food espresso on facebook.. soul food espresso on little lates..

Endue Cafe and Gift Shop
because mumma likes to shop while waiting for her coffee..
My little local coffee shop. It has the perfect set up.. a coffee shop which makes great coffee and food with the added bonus of being a gift shop full of fab quirky little treasures. Its the place I go if I cannot think of a perfect gift and its a great hang out spot for me and Ells as they have a doll house. Hunky could do some major damage there so we keep him away for the time being.
endue cafe on facebook..

East Terrace Continental
because mumma like damn good brekky and coffee..
Not a coffee shop I go to often as its in the city and not all that kid friendly. Its a special occasion sort of place where we go for birthdays etc. These guys make fantastic breakfasts and the coffee is just perfect. I love the rustic look of the place, its gloomy feel and old wooden chairs. I love how the sun floods the place in the mornings and I just love taking pics of my kiddos there. When they're a bit older I think we'll spend a few more mornings there. 
etc website.. 

what's your favourite coffee shop?  where do you like to hang out?

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next week's theme will be 
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  1. Oh, you've nabbed nearly all my favourites - but one I'd add to the list - Bracegirdles on Greenhill Rd, Opp Burnside Village.
    Not only do they have FANTASTIC coffee...but really, can you walk past a shop full of fabulous chocolate? Not specifically kid friendly, but enough treats to keep the kids occupied anyway...just be ready for the sugar shock meltdown afterwards.
    Have a coffee for me xx

  2. I love the sound of the Endue Cafe and Gift Shop! Shopping and Coffee! YAY!

  3. So I found this link on the Di Bella website of the cafe's that use Di Bella in SA!


    I hope you love it as much as I do!

  4. Great post ! I can practically see myself sitting in each of these cafes. I'm a bit late this week, it took me so long to pick just three !
    Have a great week, Dee x


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