{snippets} from the weekend..

Another action jackson weekend.. In a nutshell.. 
Saturday was boring.. household work.. kids trying to kill each other in one form or another.. Predominantly the larger one trying to either poison the small one by feeding him bubble mixture or jumping on his head while in the trampoline.. But in the end all survived. 
The big boy bought home a big bucket of pears and I picked some figs off the next door neighbours tree that hangs generously over our fence.. 
In the evening when the kiddo's slept I got to watch the most amazing thing.. baby fish hatching out of their eggs. Now for those that know us.. you will know that my hubby is somewhat fish obsessed and we have far too many of them for a suburban house. Really we do!! He also works in the field and looks after some spectacular tanks. So needless to say, I've seen some amazing fish, corals and other swimming things come and go.. but I've never seen baby fish hatching.. omg.. so damn cute. If you have ever seen 'finding nemo'.. they wiggle exactly the same as on the film. 
Sunday was filled to the brim.. A 4th birthday party at THE most fantastic park.. complete with splashing pool, a path that is kind of a waterfall that fills a reservoir that supposedly has fish in it. Playgrounds galore, walks galore & rotundas galore.  It was packed with people all celebrating something or another. 
We got there a little late due to hunky's marathon effort sleep, and as soon as the word yabby popped out of someone's mouth the boys were off.. they do this vanishing act often. The walked around the lake/reservoir thing and just hung out. They have a real thing going on at the moment. Me and Ells did the social thing.. we chatted, ate chocolate fudge cupcakes and soaked up the party end of the park.
While at the same park we also ventured across to join in with another celebration.. well, a farewell really but all for a good reason. One of the loveliest people who just happened to be Ella's teacher before Ella moved into Kidy is leaving this week for QLD. Its so sad to see her go, but she's moving to be with the love of her life, so all I can do is wish her the best of luck for her new chapter in life.. 
We then drove past the park where my gorgeous girl will be having her 4th birthday party next week. We hung out there for a while, visited the ducks & chased the seagulls..
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