{quick three..} flowers i love..

This quick three was a tough one for me. I like so many flowers and to narrow it down to just three some of my all time favourite had to be left out. Nevertheless.. here are the top three..

tulips... without a doubt are my all time favourite. So incredibly simple and so incredibly beautiful.. 
photos i took back in my uni days... very crappy scan.. sorry!!
poppies... come a very close second. Such a delicate flower.. it just chills me out looking at it..

proteas... are on my fave list just because they intrigue me, they fascinate me and astound me.. that a flower as beautiful as this can grow natively in such a harsh climate as Australia and need so little water. There are so many varieties and they each have a personality of their own. 

What flowers do you love?
For the visual aspect or because of their perfume?

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next week's theme will be 
{coffee shops i love}
this can be because you love the coffee they make.. you love the staff.. its local.. it has a great area for your kids to play in while you have a bit of chill time.. 


  1. Three gorgeous picks - I dream of visiting Holland and running through a field of tulips!!

  2. Great post Kasia !
    Can't wait til next.....but only 3 ! That'll be the challenge.
    Have a great week, Dee

  3. AHHH i totally forgot - this Linking NOW!! Oh and I LOVE THe first two (same as me!!) and i am not sure what the third is so looking it up :-)

  4. My favourites are magnolia, daffadil and roses. Charmaine


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