{this week i'm grateful for..} my mother's group..

all but one.. 
A close friend of mine recently had her first baby and yesterday we had a pretty in-depth conversation about the ups and downs of the first few weeks at home with a new bubba. I gave her all the advice I could but made sure I highlighted the fact that this is just advice and that she is the mumma and to only go with what I said if it feels right in her heart. One of the bits of advice I gave her is to attend the mums group session that Child Youth Health organises as it provides a wealth of real information about looking after a bub.

As one does, I then thought back to those 6 weeks when I myself was a new mumma and attended the sessions with Ella. The time spent there was a time in my life I will never forget and I time I will cherish for the rest of my life. It was an eclectic collection of first time mums doing their best to try and figure out all the ins and outs of this new journey they have just started. It was fun, funny, informative, entertaining and a time where I made some incredible friends.

Almost 4 years on my eclectic collection of mums from my mums group still keep in touch. One of our gang has moved to the US and another to Sydney but the ones left behind in lil old Adelaide still get together when we can and we all make sure we keep in touch with the ones that have left. Some of us are onto our second child and some still on their first. Some of the things our first little one missed out on as far as illnesses etc, the second one has had {such as zaccy with his grommets} and its so nice to get the first hand info from the mums I know about the procedure etc.

All the kids go to each others bithday parties, we do a mum's group christmas party each year and soon.. I think we might just do a 'solo' mum catch up too. I look forward to each and every catchup and feel so comfortable around these girls.. after all, they were there when all our kids cried, vomited and pooed in unison. To top it all off one of the little boys from the first generation has not only known my little Ella from day dot, but has gone to the same childcare centre.. is now going to her kindergarten and will also be going to school with her.. I always wanted twins and although I was blessed with two non-twins.. this is as good as it gets..

So this week, I am so incredibly grateful for..

{1} Child Youth Health - for sending a nurse to my house who recommended and signed me up for a mums group.
{2} Fate - for bringing us girls together.
{3} The girls - each one different and each one so incredibly genuine and supportive
{4} The kids - for making me smile and laugh and go 'aaaaawwwwwww!!! you're so cuuuuute' in such an incredibly clucky way..

I really could write a novel on how fabulous my mums group is, but in reality I don't have the time right now. But to each and every one of you 'mum's group' girls.. You Rock!!

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  1. I am still in touch with some of my mum's group too. Regardless of whether we manage this or not, I don't know of any mum who didn't find a mum's group important in those very early weeks. Just to be surrounded by other freaked-out new mums is enough to help I think!! x

  2. I will always be grateful to my mother's group in the UK. After my eldest was born they were incredibly kind and thoughtful. Even though we all moved away soon after I won't ever forget it.

  3. I think so many fantastic friendships are made at the beginning of our mother 'career'. Never are friendships more vulnerable and real than when you're sleep deprived, ready to have a cry and struggling with issues you've never dealt with before. You are so blessed to have wonderful friends. xx

  4. Great post. My mother's group is just in that stage where we are starting to head back to work and will need to make more of an effort to stay in touch. So nice to hear you are still getting so much out of these connections years on.

  5. Great post; I must say I am a bit envious. I so wish we had been a part of something like this {we moved interstate when my son was 5mths old}. We tried to get into a group in our new QLD home, but were told we had to have joined from the beginning... silly as a new family in a new state with no connections... I think we needed this more than anyone. I can't imagine how wonderful it would be too for the kids to grow up and interact with friends their age; I'm sure they get as much out of it as the mothers do! Gorgeous photo, so many cute little peeps all together... Awwww!

  6. my mum's group was my life saver when my M was a wee baby!!!!! So glad you have one to help you through!! TK xx


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