{wordless wednesday} suck it up mumma.. it's not your room..

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  1. Is someone about to do a little painting praps? Good colour choice!

  2. tee hee

    embrace it hunny and you CAN close the door :)

  3. Hehe....where is this from?
    Have a great Wednesday! xo

  4. you know that gut wrenching feeling you have when you want to make your kids happy, independent, confident and their own people.. And you have to step back and key that progression happen.. Although scary you know it's the right thing to do..

    Well.. Bugger me if the last discussion we had with the little one was about changing her red feature walk to pink.. Yes I was gutted.. My own offspring wants PINK.. Then I see this in a magazine.. Wattl in LOVE.. I think it's a sign!!

    So suck it up I shall and the girl will have pink.. And I will be purchasing a door for her room..

    Big breaths!!

  5. Pink...well I'm as gutted as you. But we knew this day was coming. But a door! That is very grown up. Big breaths indeed.

  6. It is a very nice pink - not a cutesy pale, pastel pink ! Just think you might actually miss the pink when she gets a bit older and wants to plaster the wall with Justin Beiber posters !!!
    Love this post - you made me smile :)


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