{recipe} cheesy tortilla triangles

Heading into the weekend I know I am going to get bombarded with requests for snacks. Without a doubt the request will come in the form of "mumma i'm huuuuuungry" whilst opening the fridge, pantry and grabbing at anything that first pops into sight.. might I add here that the blinkers are always on and there seems to be a spotlight on either yoghurt, cheese or nutella. Not all bad choices, but to increase the time frame between these requests, I feel I need to fill those tummies a little more. So I try to make something that will sustain them for at least half an hour, and in hopes that it might just be an hour between the next attack of the fridge. 

Now for the tricky part.. whatever I make needs to be almost instantaneous, so I have a little list of super quick recipes for filling snacks for the kiddos.. Here is one of my favourites.

{cheesy tortilla triangles}

{1} 2 tortillas
{2} pizza sauce
{3} diced bacon
{4} grated cheese
{5} oil for cooking

{1} oil frying pan (i like the spray oil)
{2} put one tortilla on the frying pan
{3} drizzle with pizza sauce + sprinkle with bacon + cheese
{4} cover with another tortilla
{5} fry till tortilla is starting to brown and cheese starts melting
{6} flip and fry till the other tortilla is golden
{7} cut into triangles and serve.. remembering to tell the little monkeys that its hot.. 

This is a seriously easy recipe and can be adapted to include tuna, mushrooms and any other pizza toppings your kiddos like. Mine are in the 'plain food' phase so the simpler the better. 

What's a super quick food you feed your kiddos when the attack of the hungry tummy comes?


  1. Oh nice one, and so easy! I'll have to try it, thanks for sharing. Dani. x

  2. we make burrito wraps with tortillas... cheese, salad stuff, avocado and they put it all together and love it... so healthy too :)


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