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So many different perspectives to write this post from.. but seeing its my daughters birthday.. I am going to focus on favourite toys from my daughters perspective. Well at least what I see her play with most as far a physical objects go..

without fail these make believe humans top the list!! in our house we have many and thankfully the brand-name doesn't seem to much matter yet. Barbie gets a mention here and there but the cheap 'imitation barbie' from the supermarket still satisfies the Barbie habit for the time being.

These guys get dragged outside, in the trampoline, on swings, are made to sit politely while 'their' mummy gets them their lunch, come in the bath with us, learn to write, do show and tell and at the end of some messy days, get put in the washing machine.. shhhhh!!

{magnetic drawing pad}..
We have these guys in 3 different sizes, and they are always out and being used. Ella role plays that she is a teacher and writes the number of the day, letter of the day, shape of the day, etc.. Its gorgeous to watch and listen to..

Not really a toy but I literally cannot think of a toy Ella plays with consistently other than dolls and her magnetic drawing pad. She's always carrying a book around and reading it to her dolls and role playing. Its kind of cute as she uses the different size books for different purposes.. she's got the board books classified as baby books and reads them to the nursery room.. and the big books she reads to her older dolls.

What do your girls play with.. or what did you play with as a girl?
The toys I desperately wanted as a girl was a cabbage patch kid and a barbie.. I kind of missed out but that's another story.. yes, I am scarred for life and get a little sad each time I walk past a cabbage patch kid in the toy store..

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