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You may have heard me say or at least read about the fact that I no longer watch telly.. It's not a choice or because of stance against something. I love it, I do!! I love to sit down and watch a good movie and there are many I love. Below is a list of my absolute all time favourites. I could watch them again and again and get something different out of them each time I watch them.

The deal is that I no longer have the energy to sit down and watch a full movie. I tend to fall asleep about 20 minutes into a movie so really, there is no point. We have kids telly on during the day while the monkeys are around and when there is no one home.. I like the quiet. So telly for now... NON-EXISTENT!!

I'm not going to describe why I love each of the below movies other than saying that they are all full of emotional triggers for me. They are all simply beautifully made, have a collection of different characters that I can relate to and they inspire me, whether it be from an artistic perspective, home decorating or just lifestyle.. looove them all.

Get a cuppa and sit down and watch some of the snippets below.. maybe one will tickle your fancy..

Gathering these snippets has got me re-inspired though.. I will make a point of watching these all again (no excuses as I have the DVD's) and I'll do a little review soon..

Stealing Beauty
I written about Stealing Beauty in the past.. so have a read for a more in-depth description of why I love it.. 

Double life of Veronique

Three Colours Trilogy



So what three movies have inspired you, you hate, you love, have made an impact on your life, or just make you smile??

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  1. Oh ! There are some beautiful movies there on that list Kasia ! Hope you have had a great week.
    Three crafty blogs?!?! ONLY THREE ! Oh my !
    Dee x


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