{love} ten years ago..

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Yesterday was the big one's and my 10th wedding anniversary. It seems like yesterday that we had a teeny tiny wedding at the registry with a handful of close friends and then a small gathering at my parents place. It was small, cosy, completely understated and we finished off with a night of boogying to a band at our fave pub, then got chauffeured to our hotel in the back of an old Dodge pick-up. We followed up our tying of the knot with a camping trip.

From day dot we did things our way, from day dot we were a little different and from day dot it worked.
We are a blend of the traditional couple where I am the homebody/stay at home mumma and he is the major income earner. He is the strong one that does all the hard work and I do all the kitchen type stuff. But I love to sneak into the man-zone and steal his power tools, do a bit of house reno, dig in the dirt and all round get into the hard work that needs to be done. The big one hates the household chores but sucks it up and unloads and loads the dishwasher, cooks up a mean chilli con-carne or steak and salad and has finally realised that there is no sock-picking-up fairy and that he needs to put his own socks in the clothes hamper.

He is truly the funniest dad on this planet. He loves the kiddos, tries to be Mr Authority but gives in and ends up being one of them.. so yep, I'm a mumma to three crazy, free-range children. Life with the big one truly is entertaining, funny, hilarious, unpredictable and all round sweeet. He's my mate. I love him!


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