{this week i'm grateful for..} digital cameras..

I so love the fact that wherever an adult goes, they pretty much have access to a digital camera of some sort. This is something that has changed in my day, and its so super-cool (omg i'm picking up sayings from my 4yo). I remember the days where all that was readily available were film cameras. I was lucky enough to own a super tiny handbag size one which, together with a spare film, travelled with me everywhere. 

So this week I am grateful for the access that each person has to a digital camera, whether it be an in-phone camera or a digital SLR. 

The above photo was snapped last night with my iPhone.. seriously.. how amazing are happy snaps these days??

Joining in with Maxabella Love's grateful blog hop which is being hosted over at and then there were four this week..  and also reasons to be cheerful over at Mummy from the Heart..

Have a fab weekend everyone!!


  1. A very cute photo!

    It is hard to believe how good the cameras are on mobile phones these days huh? I'm grateful for digital cameras because you can see the photos straight away and have another go!

    Thanks for linking up with Maxabella and for the linky love x

  2. Gorgeous photo! I am loving taking photos with my iPhone so much I have to remember to pull the camera out!

  3. I would be lost without my camera. Such an easy way to capture and remember special moments x

  4. oh yes, it definitely is a joy!
    being of the old school of film photography where we saved our pennies in order to buy film & polaroids to be able to do our assignments I am so glad to have the flexibility of digital to take as many pics as I like without worrying how many will work & how many won't.

    gorgeous pic Kasia, sometimes I wish I had an iphone.

  5. I don't know what I would do without digital cameras. My life just wouldn't be complete!

  6. Was always a big fan of simple cheap Nokia phones, no bells or whistles. I gotta say iphone changed my life. Love the camera, carrying my photos, calendar, bits n bobs all on the one little thingy is just amazing.

  7. my little girl used to suck those two fingers - she wouldn't take them out even to drink her milk. She'd let the milk dribble into her mouth from her beaker down the channel between the fingers. She had the technique down to perfection!

  8. That is a stunning photo. I too adore having a camera of some sort always close at hand. Kids always provide us with a wonderful photo opportunity.

    Hi from Reasons to be Cheerful.

    Mich x

  9. Gosh that's a beautiful photo! I can't believe it was taken on an IPhone! Technology has come a long way that's for sure.


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