this week has been bought to you by the letter {P}..

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My little Princess turned four on Tuesday and we celebrated her birthday with a trip to the zoo. Her favourite animal (and of course merchandise that came home with us) was a little Panda called Funi, dressed in none other than pink. The day after we did the annual trip to the podiatrist and sadly to say.. my little princess ain't going to be wearing thongs or little beauties like the ones above for much longer.. yup.. she's got her daddy's feet and has to have orthodics..

I spent the morning painting t-shirts with Ella's class today, just for something a little different, to celebrate her birthday than the party bag for each kid to take home sort of deal. I had a ball, got covered in paint and the kids were quite simply hilarious and adorable all at the same time.

Then off to the podiatrist for me.. yup yup.. mumma can't ignore that excruciating pain in her foot no more.. and the winner is "a torn ligament", yippee for me!! I now get to have a foot/ankle nicely taped up, get to wear a wedge in my shoe and have to wear closed in shoes from the moment I wake up to when I go to sleep for 12 weeks. Fun! NOT! On a good note.. at least the weather is cooling down.

I finished the day off with making 24 party bags for the little princesses party on the weekend and stewed some cinnamon pears.

On that note.. goodnight!!

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