{this week i'm grateful for..} health insurance..

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We've spent a lot of time at various appointments this week, some of which were specialist appointments and some just at our local doctors.

My foot has been playing up since before christmas and I've chosen to ignore it till now (yep.. i'm a bit like a man in that way), but after visits to the chiro, the physio, having chinese massages on my back as this was the consensus.. no relief. So off to the GP, who promptly sent me off for x-rays, ultrasound and to the podiatrist.. yippee!! Really I would be skipping if I could. The diagnosis is.. that I have seriously torn a ligament in my foot, so I'm all taped up, wedge in my shoe and have to wear enclosed shoes for 12 weeks, (currently tossing up which one is worse.. the pain in my foot or enclosed shoes).

Crap, as the above scenario might be.. this week I am super grateful for:

{1} having health insurance - I think this year we may have already got our money's worth..
{2} the health service in Australia - even without the private insurance it really is fab..
{3} being so incredibly blessed with two gorgeous kids.. one of which turned 4 this week.. 
{4} the adelaide zoo.. such simple and clean family fun..
{5} gorgeous local playgrounds.. one of which we'll be using tomorrow for our little girls party..

What are you grateful for this week? Pop on over to maxabella loves and share or simply read some other inspirational blogs..


  1. Oh you're an adelaide girl?! (is the point where I saw, 'so...what school did you go to?')
    I can sympathise with whole taped up thing...but I usually prefer to be taped up (I feel a lot more secure).
    And yes on the whole aust health service thingy - sometimes when I read o/s blogs and they talk about their nightmare experiences I really do cringe...
    hope you have a great weekend

  2. Hope your foot is feeling better quickly. At least the weather is colling so enclosed shoes aren't as bad as they would have been at the start of summer!

  3. How yummy do those bikkies look! So sorry about your foot - I can't believe you've been walking around like that since before Christmas! Super Woman! And happy birthday to your little one. I'll pop over and read the birthday post right away.


    PS - The enclosed shoes are definitely worse... :)

  4. OWWWWWWW! But yes, thankful for health insurance. I hope you find and make the right decision for you and your foot. Here's to healing very quickly.


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