perfect one day, crazy the next..

Oh how the week can change.. bliss one second and foggy head the next. We had a gorgeous start to the week with a trip to the zoo with the little guy who demonstrated the ability to have an in-depth conversation with a flamingo.. it was quite amazing to watch to say the least!!

Followed closely by a dash to the doctors to find out how to treat the little guys eczema. He had a pretty yucky outbreak this time, leaving him quite simply irritated and shitty with the world. So mumma has stocked up on creams and lotions to soothe my little man and hopefully we'll have a lovely peaceful household shortly.

My head is a little foggy with trying to figure all this out while dealing with another head cold.. So my apologies about going a-wall with the {quick three} this week.. I will leave the topic of movies to next week, if you have already done a post link up here next week.  I have to focus on the little bear for the time being.

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