{snippets} from the weekend..

It's technically still the weekend as its a public holiday here today and we're off to another birthday party in a minute.. Ella my little social butterfly gas a party to go to each weekend for the next 5 weeks..

We've already been to a party at a fairy place with Lell.. Me and hunky toured the fruit and veg shops of Glenelg and bought a bunch of grapes at each one.. while we waited. Then to another party in the evening..

Sunday we gardened all day.. dad and the kiddos set up an area for a herb garden for me and I pottered and weeded.. Bliss..

Anyhoo.. I'm off to a party..

Joining in with {point+shoot} & {week-a-boo}


  1. Party party I dunno kids these days ;)
    Good luck with the herb garden, mine is looking a bit worse for wear nowadays, something about a lack of watering not helping.

  2. Do I spy red gumboots? I have a fetish for any red footwear!!!

  3. fun fun......social little ella, fun gardening too have a great day lisa xx

  4. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this photo. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for playing along. x

  5. Oooh gumboot gardening? LOVELY!!
    And oh yes, my Ella has a better social calender than I....LOL!!!
    Thanks for a peek into your weekend Kasia!

  6. Thanks girls..
    Loved our weekend.. only just getting back to normality on a wednesday..

    The photo is of me in my 'sloggers' clogs next to our mint bush standing on freshly turned over soil..

    The sloggers are fab.. like gumboot slippers, so perfect for running out into the garden..


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