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Firstly.. my apologies for running late again. The long weekend completely threw me out and all day yesterday I kept on thinking its Monday.. to the point of almost forgetting Ella's dancing this morning.. yep we were late.. 

On to the three.. magazines.. I must start with saying that I am a magazine reader rather than a reader of books. Possibly because I love to look at the photographs and images, so the mag needs to be filled with eye-candy. I have a selection of magazines I love but the three that I have a subscription to are.. 

for the culture of design..
Desktop delves into the world of design, advertising and digital culture, connecting with thousands upon thousands of passionate creative professionals and enthusiasts around the globe..
I've had a subscription to this mag since starting uni (many moons ago) and each issue is packed with info and an abundance of eye-candy. It is a mag I look at with kids around and actually read the content when they are not around. It keeps me up to date with what is going on in the industry and re-inspires me to create. 

{home beautiful}
for inspiration and a lot of wishful thinking..
I always have some sort of home magazine subscription.. and the last couple of years it has been home beautiful. There is no real rhyme or reason, it just seems to gel with me at the moment, the content inspires me, makes me drool and its not too over the top. Its doable. In the past I've had Real Living, Handyman, Better Homes and Gardens and Inside Out.. They're all great and if I ever get a chance I have a sneak peak into them at the news-agency and quite often still buy a copy here and there. 

{sew hip}
for ideas, patterns and info.. 
I love craft, always have. It's a way of chilling out for me yet still being creative. I love sewing and making things with my hands but seem to get bored quite quickly so am always looking for something new to make and do. Its a good way of getting me away from the screen for a while. Sew Hip is fab, its not too serious and has some really cool ideas. 

What are your favourite mags? 
If you know of a cool craft mag, I'd love to know!!

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