{this week i'm grateful for..} hand picked flowers..

It's been a crazy week here, mostly self-inflicted as I decided to do another household blitz on top of all the orders I have to do (why do I do these things??) Bags and bags of toys, books and clothes the kids no longer use have left the house. I'm not done yet but getting there slowly and the house feels so much less crowded and cluttered already.

Among all the running around like a headless chook, the kids have helped out and slept somewhat better than normal and let us enjoy a bit of adult conversation in the evenings with hubby, and coming home to a gorgeous freshly picked bunch of roses completely made my week..

So this week I'm grateful for:
{1} hand picked flowers - so much more meaningful than those elaborate arrangements
{2} family time - I got a super amount of cuddles this week
{3} salvo bins - makes me feel ok about getting rid of perfectly good stuff
{4} cooler weather - makes wearing enclosed shoes not as horrid
{5} birthday parties - we've got a super special one tomorrow..

joining in with maxabella loves..


  1. First up, happy birthday in your household. Fresh picked flowers, even more lovely if they were picked by someone you love, especially for you (& hopefully not from a neighbours garden). Love Posie

  2. Nothing better than a good mini spring clean - good for the soul. Handpicked flowers are the best aren't they! Have a great weekend.

  3. hand picked flowers are the best. enjoy your weekend :)

  4. A declutter is ironically such an horrendous mess while you're in the middle of it. But I quite like doing it (if given then space to linger and to plan). The rewards of a more streamlined, organised life are huge.

    Enjoy the 'special birthday'. I look forward to reading about it soon. x

  5. what a great list...oh de cluttering is good for the soul! :)


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