{let's do 52} week 11.. power + up

I've missed a couple of weeks of the let's do 52 project.. but this week I got reinspired by the gorgeous Carly from Carly Webber Photography and her amazing new blog Mamma-Razzi. Carly gave us a BOKEH challenge.. how could I resist!!

I took the slr to the park to one of Ella's friend's parties and snapped away a little. I really suck at taking photos of kids but like any mumma, I want lots of pics of my kiddo's. I do good with subjects that don't move, don't talk and are generally cooperative, but kids.. OMG.

So here is my attempt at UP and BOKEH..
The first image is straight out of the camera and the bottom image has been quickly edited with a couple of actions from Paint the Moon..

Joining up with Monica from Pixel Perfect for the Before and After blog hop too..


  1. OMG STUNNING - you monkey you do great kids photos! I love love LOVE the edited version! Very pretty colours. Can I say it again... STUNNING!
    I am hopeless at fast moving stuff, crawling/walking kids are fine... swings etc - OMG DISASTER!

  2. Oh gorgeous! How I would love to have Photoshop on my computer! I adore your frames too, are they from photoshop or a website?

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog, I've popped over from Maxabella Loves xx


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