{this week i'm grateful for..} being a mumma..

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We've had a massive two weeks full of fun, laughter, celebrations, sicknesses, hospital stays and it all involved us as a family. I seem to always reflect during the first two weeks of March, as its the time of year I married my mate, my favourite season begins and the month became a mother. I'm feeling incredibly lucky right now.

Becoming parents was kind of a big joke for us. We had the 'knock-up plan' in place for 4 years, down to the day we would start stop trying not to get pregnant, to the star sign we wanted our first child to be and we even had the name picked out. I fell pregnant on our first attempt, felt sick 2 days later, bought a home pregnancy test, checked it 7 times just to make sure and sure enough.. our little Ella was born 9 months later, on her due date.

We did a little calculation for our second child and the scenario was pretty much the same. Pregnant on the first go, I pretty much chose the date Zac was going to be born as it was convenient. We had no family in Australia and the friends that were going to look after Ella were going to be at a party we were also invited to. There was going to be a jumpy castle and birthday cake and overall a nice place to leave Ella to go off and give birth.

Well.. that was us. As ho-hum as it all seems, and as incredibly well it all worked out, we were scared before we started trying. The 'knock-up plan' was just a big joke. I wasn't sure whether I would be able to have kids. You see, when I was 17, I had an ovarian cyst and had one of my ovaries removed, so we really weren't sure. We discussed other options and had a bit of a plan just in case.

Motherhood is one of those funny things... it's exhausting, such hard work, stressful, confusing, unpredictable but so incredibly rewarding. I get that crazy warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy each and every day with my kiddos. They crack me up, they make me laugh and smile, they blow raspberries on my tummy, they make me cups of dirt coffee, they give me slimy pre-chewed crackers... They just rock my world.

Since becoming a mumma, I've watched a few close friends struggling to fall pregnant. Some have taken the path of IVF and some other natural methods, some have managed to fall pregnant but have experienced multiple losses... watching each of their struggles is just as heartbreaking when the result is not what they were hoping for.

I was recently emailed a media release about a study which shows that one in two women could be trying to conceive at the wrong time and that Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests take out the guesswork. I was instantly interested in reading further as if there was a way I could help one of my friends succeed in falling pregnant then hey.. I'm there. I used Clearblue home pregnancy tests to find out I was going to be a mumma, so the brand was quite well known to me.

The Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test is available nationally from major supermarkets and pharmacies in a pack of seven tests (RRP $69.99). For more information on the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test and other products in the range, visit www.clearblue.com/au  or call Clearblue’s Careline on 1800 125 021.

If you are trying to conceive and would like to try out one of the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests, just drop me and email, as I have been given 3 packs to share with my readers. I'd love to hear how you go with them. 

So this week I am grateful for:
{1} lady luck for allowing me to bypass all the stress of getting pregnant..
{2} my amazing children.. they are the icing on my life..
{3} opportunities to share something with my readers that may help them..
{4} still grateful for our health system..
{5} rain for making my backyard look slightly more green than brown..

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  1. Love that term "mumma". You describe motherhood very well indeed and remind those of us with children just how blessed we are.
    My grateful thoughts are over at http://gigglingatitall.blogspot.com

  2. I so agree with you, Kasia. The ease and speed for us was something to be very grateful for too. I wish all struggling-mummas every success!! x

  3. I could not have put it better myself! Your story is quite similar to ours! I have had one of those can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em weeks but your post has just made me remember how truly lucky we are to have them!
    Have a great weekend!


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