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Running a little late this week as I spent the night in hospital with my little girl last night.. We got the all-clear this morning and all is back to normal here again.

Now onto the three.. I have a slight obsession when it comes to stationery. It's worse than the chocolate isle. I can't help but look each time I'm at the supermarket and stationery stores such as officeworks are just simply dangerous and those little colourful stationery shops popping up everywhere like smiggle are just outright mean...

So this week I am sticking to my all time favourite items. Ones that have been with me for a lifetime and if the time to replace them ever came and I couldn't find the exact same thing, I would probably have a little cry...

{bambi stapler}
I love this little guy.. he is super small but super effective. He can punch through a good number of pages without much effort and the staples are super cute. I've had him for a good 14 years or so and he's like new. 

The funniest thing is.. I'm not alone.. there is a bambi stapler appreciation society on facebook.. 

{post-it notes}
Oh my.. Oh my.. I still remember when I got my first yellow pad..
Post-it notes are used at my place all the time, from leaving notes for hubby, marking pages in magazines, cookbooks and my new favourite item is the post it pen.. I love going through magazines with this little guy in my hand. Very impressed that they have now made a recycled paper version of the big square notes too.

{bic 4-colour pen}
Oh bic how I love thee!! This pen is my all time favourite. There are a few imitations, like the papermate brand which I don't mind, but the good old bic 4-colour pen is still the winner. This one is slimmer than the others and seems to be far more durable.. even around the kiddos.

I had these all through my school years and still love them now.

What are your stationery essentials? 
What three items can't you live without?
What items do you dream about having in your stash?

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  1. I am with you on the post it notes! Can't have too many! Hope your little one is ok x


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